Symi Excursions

Our traditional boat, POSEIDON, is making daily cruises from Yialos. Let's explore together the wonderful beaches of Symi!


Round the island

The traditional boat Poseidon has been sailing the waters around Symi for 30 years.


A magnificent excursion

The daily trip all around the island is something not to be missed.


Different perspective

See unique landscapes and swim in crystal clear waters that can only be reached by boat.

Daily Cruise around Symi

POSEIDON is making daily tours around the island.
It departs from the port at 10:30 a.m and returns at 17:30 p.m.
The boat has a capacity of 75 people.


Poseidon's Captain John

Captain John – POSEIDON’S owner – knows all the coves and sites and offers you the best tour, as he has been touring you around the island and its hidden beauties for decades.
He is also a great chef, as he is taking care of the menu during the tour.

The Symi attraction

Welcome to Symi, the exclusive Dodecanese island, with the imposing neoclassical mansions, the rocky mountain sceneries and the beautiful beaches.
The whole island is a live attraction worth visiting, but the main aim of holidays is the sea. The beaches, sandy or pebble, cosmopolitan or isolated, with road or sea access, are the ones that will stay forever in your mind.


Lunch included

The island of Seskli is where you have a longer stop of 2 ½ hours and enjoy lunch. While the crew are barbequing the chicken and preparing the rest of the food, you can enjoy time on the beach, have a swim or explore the small island.
Lunch is a feast of freshly prepared food and there is a seating area under the trees where you can relax in comfort while eating and enjoy a glass of wine.


Fruits with drinks at every stop


BBQ later on the day with viraty of foods


Snack and coffee on the return

Trip to Symi's hidden beauties

The traditional boat POSEIDON makes daily cruises around the island.
It is a magnificent excursion and a unique experience, worth experiencing.


Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun

Maroni bay

Tue, Fri

Agios Emilianos

Every day

Seal cave

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat

Diavates islands



Every day

Seskli island

Every day

Agios Georgios bay

Hundreds of stellar reviews


Read what our customers have said about us.

Everything about this trip is remarkable: the gorgeous boat ride, the idyllic coves and beaches, the quaint remote monasteries and last but not least; the food!!! This trip is wildly well priced for everything that it offers. Cannot possibly recommend this enough.

Stelios Potamitis

A fabulous day trip sailing around the island of Symi. Yanni and his crew as always made this a great day including a superb BBQ lunch at Sesklia.

David Francis

Friendly captain and staff. During the tour we had the chance to swim in 5 different locations and enjoyed the crystal blue waters!!! Coffee, water and beverages were offered and we enjoyed our BBQ lunch at Seskli island with a variety of side dishes and salads! A must do while in Symi to discover beaches mainly accessible by boat!


The best thing you can do on the island! We absolutely loved it! Obviously everything we visited was simply amazing, crystal clear waters and you could jump from the boat into totally emerald blue waters and enjoy swimming away from the crowds. The hospitality was great, the food unexpectedly delicious with loads of options while the price was definitely less than one would imagine. Symi is not the cheapest island but this boat tour was indubitably great value for money!

Eleni E

It's not a coincidence that this activity has a five star rating. You get the chance to swim in impressive beaches and sea caves. The crew is lovely and seem to really enjoy what they are doing. The captain himself is a very social and welcoming man. In addition the barbecue at the end of the trip is of high quality. A big variety of salads, very tasty meat and wine. I ve done the trip a couple of times with various friends visiting the island and all of them left impressed with this experience.

Kiki Christaki

We were not very keen on joining these kind of trips but that was one of the highlights of our holidays. The boat was very comfortable. The crew was very nice, very funny and talkative, very helpful and professional. The food was abundant and very tasty. Highly recommended.

Albert C

The best experience on the island; a real value for money trip. Captain and crew are very kind and helpful. Coffee, water, ouzo, juice, wine, biscuits and fresh apple were available on board at all times. We made a big stop at Seskli for barbecue and swim. Amazing food at a great location. Don’t leave Symi without trying this excursion out.

Daphne C

We went on the boat trip for a pre wedding party with our friends and it was awesome. So much fun, great stops for swimming and snorkelling and lunch was incredible. Perfect setting to eat on the beach and the food was so delicious we could’ve sat there all afternoon getting through it! Would 100% recommend everyone doing this if they are here! The crew were so friendly, thanks Yianni!

Hayley S

Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - who has been to Symi recommended this excursion to us and they weren't wrong. We had a seven hour trip, jumping off the boat and swimming in beautfiul clear waters in five different locations and the legendary BBQ lunch during the heat of the day. The crew were jovial and friendly, Captain Yannis is a true gentleman and the free wine, ouzo and coffee flowed all day. Most of the people on our trip had been before,some the previous day. What most people don't see is after the trip is over - the crew swabbed down and washed every surface and handrail on the boat.I'm sure they do it even without C-19 but it was interesting to see their care and attention to detail when everyone had left. Worth every single cent. We can't wait to return to Symi and the Poseidon.


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